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At The Living Centre our professional and experienced team is constantly developing our comprehensive range of services, some of which are detailed below. Each program or service is designed with care and sensitivity to the needs of breast cancer patients and many of our services are not available elsewhere in the healthcare system or at other support centres.


Breast Care Nurse Private Consultation

Our Breast Care Nurses are highly qualified and experienced nurses who are specifically trained to assist and support breast cancer patients. Their approach is always sensitive to and respectful of the client and they provide high quality counselling and general advice to assist each client through the challenges of their diagnosis and treatment. They also help clients to navigate through the health care system to obtain better outcomes.


The Living Centre also offers a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment on site at 390 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. The apartment is available to eligible VPTAS (Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme) regional patients requiring treatment in Melbourne. Patients must have a mobile phone and be accompanied by a family member or carer.

Wig Salon

At The Living Centre we have a dedicated group of Peer Support Volunteers, who are women who have had breast cancer and wish to help those currently going through the journey. Many of these Peer Support Volunteers have been trained by organisations such as The Cancer Council Victoria and are able to provide hope, understanding and practical advice based on their own experiences to breast cancer patients.

Wig Fitting Sessions

Days of Indulgence

This is The Living Centre’s signature pampering program for those undergoing breast cancer treatment which provides a calming and relaxing day of activities including massage, art therapy, nail and beauty services. Clients also get the opportunity to meet and share stories with other women who may be experiencing a similar journey and many attendees describe this day as ‘transformational’.

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Support Groups

The Living Centre offers monthly support groups including:

Second Hope Support Group for women with metastatic breast cancer

50 Plus Support Group for women over 50

Pink Sisters Support Group for women under 50

Beyond Pink Support Group designed to help support women once treatment has ended

New clients are always welcome.


Supporting Blokes

Having a partner who is diagnosed with breast cancer can have an impact on relationships and the family unit. The Living Centre offers male partners and male carers a chance to meet, share their experiences, learn coping strategies and gather information that enables a better journey through breast cancer for themselves and their partner.

Thanks to the generosity of the Freemasons Foundation of Victoria Ltd and their Community Grants program we are pleased to be launching this program in key regional areas of Victoria.

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Stephanie Wooster is a massage therapist with 15 years experience. She is experienced in several different modalities of massage from a firm deep tissue treatment and cupping techniques to relaxation (Swedish) Massage. Each session is individualised for clients through assessment and palpate of tension areas.

As a successful therapist, Stephanie works to understand bodywork at deeper levels and using treatment options to provide her clients with the best possible outcome.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is available to clients who would like to explore something that is important to them through using a sensory and creative approach. Art Therapy sessions offer a combined relaxation, meditation and art experience that assists clients to express thoughts and feelings and nurture the whole self. An experienced Art Therapist facilitates the session and encourages anyone who is interested in exploring important personal issues in a creative and interactive way to join in this session.

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Gentle yoga practices at Think Pink allow the body, mind and the breath to work in unison leading to an internal sense of peace and clarity of the mind.  Yoga encourages health and wellbeing through the practice of gentle asana (physical movements), breath work and relaxation.  Yoga practice at Think Pink focuses on enhancing movement in the arms and upper body following treatments for breast cancer.

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Pilates with PINC

The PINC Pilates Program is facilitated by a Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist. It is specifically designed to help maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, improve body confidence and control.

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Cheryne Blom is an Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness teacher, passionate about helping you discover the best version of you.

Cheryne will take you through a series of attention training practices and cognitive strategies that can help you unhook from unproductive thought patterns and behaviours.

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Tai Chi

Conducted in a tranquil environment with music, our Tai Chi classes provide a gentle and pleasurable means of attaining and maintaining mobility, mental alertness, health and harmony in both mind and body.

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