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Think Pink introduces hairdressing at The Living Centre. (June 2024)

We are delighted to announce we will be starting a new program at the Think Pink Living Centre. Leesa, a professional hairdresser with over 25 years’ experience is both humbled and excited to be able to give someone confidence by sharing her knowledge of all things hair.

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Think Pink launches new app. (February 2024)

Think Pink is proud to announce the launch of their new app, The Think Pink Living Centre. Tailored specifically for Think Pink clients, this innovative app aims to provide a supportive network for individuals battling breast cancer. (Read more…)

Soul Origin tickled pink to start a breast cancer conversation. (October 2023 – Article from Newcastle Weekly)

Think there’s nothing better than a coffee and a chat? Then how about if it comes in a pink cup?

Catch-ups can taste even better this month when you know your purchase is shining a light on a very important message. (Read more…)

Think Pink The Living Centre Grand Reopening (July 26, 2023)

After three years of closure due to the pandemic, Think Pink Foundation celebrated the reopening of its Living Centre on July 26, with principal partners, sponsors, donors, and key stakeholders in attendance. (read more …)

Photoshoots at the Living Centre (Sept 2023)

This September we at Think Pink are excited to announce a new program of Photoshoots at the Living Centre. A great opportunity for clients to take some beautiful family portraits, celebrate the completion of treatment or just get some updated photos of yourself. Bring your family, friends or your furry friend for a great day creating memories. (read more …)

Aromatherapy and Mental Health (Sept 7, 2023)

Our September Aromatherapy session, Rebecca covered the topic of Mental Health and how aromatherapy can help improve your mental state… (read more …)

Aromatherapy and Stress (August 3, 2023)

Our August aromatherapy session, Rebecca covered the topic of Stress and how we can use aromatherapy to help with dealing with stress…(read more …)

Aromatherapy and Hormones (July 6, 2023)

Our July aromatherapy session, Rebecca covered the topic of Hormones and how we can use aromatherapy in line with our hormones… (read more …)

The Melbourne Star lights up in Pink! (Nov 19, 2020)

To celebrate and support the launch of Think Pink’s reusable masks, The Melbourne Star will light herself up in Pink tonight, Thursday the 19th of November (read more …)

Mask Up with Think Pink (Oct 1, 2020)

The Think Pink Foundation is determined to maintain our free services and have launched COVID-19 OPERATION FIGHTBACK with a number of fundraising activities (read more …)

Demand For Think Pink Services Zooms Ahead (Aug 30, 2020)

Twelve hundred attendances involving fourteen different programs which provided a total of one hundred and twenty sessions between April to early August (read more …)

Think Pink by the Numbers
(Aug 2020)

The unprecedented lock down of metropolitan Melbourne for six weeks as part of the community strategy to combat the coronavirus and keep our community safe  (read more …)

Think Pink Brings Community Together

So, for the Think Pink Living Centre at Yarra’s Edge – a foundation which provides support programs to those diagnosed with breast cancer  (read more …)

Think Pink Foundation Maintains Free Services (July 2020)

Whilst the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic is not known, the Think Pink Foundation is committed to maintaining our current level of services to clients (read more …)

Services 2023

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The Think Pink Living Centre Remains Closed (June 2020)

With the Living Centre closed at present, the introduction of online classes via Zoom has lead to a reconnection of many past clients  (read more …)

Think Pink Zooms Ahead
(Jun 2, 2020)

The Think Pink Foundation at Yarra’s Edge, forced to suspend all of its on- site operations since March 16 as a result of COVID-19, is literally now “Zooming” ahead.  (read more …)

Think Pink Online Classes Boom
(May 25, 2020)

These online programs via Zoom are booming and have proved extremely popular with clients. (read more …)

Download the COVIDSafe app – Help Save Lives
(Apr 28, 2020)

The Think Pink Foundation strongly supports the development and release of the COVIDSafe app health initiative, (read more …)

Important Announcement regarding COVID-19
(Mar 16, 2020)

Since Monday 16th March 2020, the Think Pink Foundation has suspended all groups and activities until the current Victorian State of Emergency regarding COVID-19 is lifted. (read more …)

Think Pink Breast Cancer Sanctuary Opens in Docklands
(Feb 20, 2020)

Located on the ground floor of the Forge residential apartment building, the new $1 million Think Pink Living Centre has been designed, funded and built by Mirvac  (read more …)

Think Pink Living Centre moves to Docklands
(Dec 19, 2020)

Mirvac and the Think Pink Foundation have announced the move into the new Think Pink Living Centre now established on the ground floor of Forge,  (read more …)

You Don’t Have to Run the Race Against Breast Cancer Alone
(May 20, 2019)

On behalf of the Think Pink Foundation, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding support of Mirvac and their staff in delivering such a beautifully prepared event that was enjoyed by all in attendance. (read more …)

AFL Coaches and Think Pink Kick a Goal for Breast Cancer Awareness
(April 5, 2019)

The AFL Coaches Association has put their support behind the new Think Pink Foundation awareness program ‘You don’t have to run the race against breast cancer alone’ with two Premiership coaches. (read more …)

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