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At The Living Centre our professional and experienced team is constantly developing our comprehensive range of services. (read more)

Exercise Programs

Our exercise programs have many benefits designed improve physical and mental well being.  Benefits include (read more)

Support Groups

Our support groups are designed to cater for people experiencing similar life situations. Our groups meet on a regular basis (read more)

Wellness Programs

At the Living Centre we cater for chemotherapy induced hair loss through our wig salon. (read more)

Breast Care Nurse

Our Breast Care Nurse is highly qualified, experienced and specifically trained to assist and support breast cancer patients. Their approach is always sensitive to and respectful of the client. They provide high quality counselling and general advice (read more)

Client Feedback

Firstly, thank you for having gone miles above and beyond your call of duty, for taking care of me and my family during the most difficult time of our lives. As soon as the diagnosis happened, you made sure my extended medical team knew about my changed health condition. (read more)

Our Volunteers

Our team of Volunteers are passionate about empowering clients in achieving physical and mental strength during a challenging time in their lives. Each volunteer brings their unique expertise to Think Pink along with their own inspiring story.  (read more) …

Media Release

Breast Cancer Charity Breaks Down Tyranny of Distance and Lock Down Isolation for Clients with Zoom

The Think Pink Foundation, focused on supporting women with breast cancer at every stage of the journey, from initial diagnosis through treatment, is continuing to provide its support network and operations via Zoom. (read more …)

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