About Shae

Shae Whittaker

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. I heard about the Living Centre on the radio, and that its focus was on wellness, not illness and I thought, “That sounds like something for me, it’s really positive.”

You can receive a massage, get your make-up done or check out the wig salon. Even these small things, they help because even though you try to keep yourself up-beat and positive, you do have your down days.

So I went along to their “Day of Indulgence”, which is a day of luxury. It was just wonderful! I mean being pampered is something that we all need, but especially for those of us who have gone through, or are going through,the breast cancer journey.

Treatment leaves you in a real mess: your joints ache, your muscles ache, you have nausea and extreme fatigue.

That is why it is so important to keep looking up and keep being supported.

I also have to remember to be grateful: I am fortunate enough to have world-class treatment and come to a facility like The Living Centre where I receive so much support.

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