Signpost resource is helping people with metastatic breast cancer find their way

Receiving a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer – an incurable disease – can be incredibly isolating and challenging. But a new resource has been developed in collaboration with women living with metastatic breast cancer to provide links to useful, accessible and reliable information, peer networks and support services in Australia.

Developed in a two-phase study funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Signpost resource includes links to counselling, financial and legal information, peer support, wellbeing advice, and support for carers and loved ones.

The card allows women to determine if, when and how they would like to access supportive care resources irrespective of where they are along their metastatic breast cancer path. Brought together by Signpost, the services provided by McGrath Foundation, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Cancer Council Victoria, CounterPart and Think Pink Foundation offer wholistic care for those with metastatic breast cancer, and support for the people around them.

Access the resource at If you would like more information or printed copies of the resource to provide to patients, please contact

Second Hope Support Group
– for women over 50

Second Hope is an informal support group which offers understanding and education to women over 50 at all stages of  Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Make new friends, share experiences and information in a supportive and caring setting with women who understand the challenges you and your family face living with a diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer.

To make a booking click here or contact The Living Centre on (03) 9820 2888 or email:

HOT Pink Sisters Support Group
– for women under 50

This group is specifically designed for women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer under the age of 50 and will meet regularly via Zoom.

We recognise the specific needs of young women facing the challenges of this life changing diagnosis and we aim to provide support, friendship and education – all in the comfort of one’s home!

To make a booking click here or contact The Living Centre on (03) 9820 2888 or email:

Think Pink Foundation