Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs are available for women of all ages who have completed breast cancer treatment – such as surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation for a first diagnosis – regardless of when or where they received their care.

Our programs are designed to decrease emotional distress; increase hope, spiritual strength and resilience; and improve overall quality of life.

Most of our programs are successfully running via Zoom – so why not book a program today!

– Meditation –

Maree’s meditation classes provide an opportunity to learn and practice different meditation methods, with tips on relaxation and simple breath techniques which can be practiced at any time.

Research has shown the benefits of meditation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Awareness of the breathing process can be sufficient to slow the respiratory rate and establish a more relaxed rhythm.

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– Mindfulness –

Cheryne Blom is an Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness teacher, passionate about helping you discover the best version of you.

Cheryne will take you through a series of attention training practices and cognitive strategies that can help you unhook from unproductive thought patterns and behaviours.

– Reflexology –

Monique’s online Reflexology class will explore various ideas to see how Reflexology can assist you with for example daily stress, anxiety, headaches, sleep problems, poor digestion, slow circulation etc.

This class is all about empowering you with simple and effective Reflexology techniques. There will an opportunity for open discussion and to ask any question you may have.

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– Massage –

Stephanie Wooster is a massage therapist with 15 years experience. She is experienced in several different modalities of massage from a firm deep tissue treatment and cupping techniques to relaxation (Swedish) Massage. Each session is individualised for clients through assessment and palpate of tension areas.

Please note that our massage program is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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