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Rebecca will be focusing on Clinical Aromatherapy Massage where essential oils are carefully chosen and blended to address specific physical, emotional and mental concerns. These oils, derived from plants, possess unique aromatic properties that impact our senses and overall wellbeing. Through the application and massage, the oils penetrate the skin promoting therapeutic effects such as pain relief, muscle relation and emotional balance.

 Aromatherapy with Rebecca Hannon.

Rebecca is a qualified massage therapist, specialising in a range of techniques including lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage focuses on stimulating the lymphatic system, which plays a vital role in immune function and toxin elimination. this gentle rhythmic massage technique promotes the proper flow of lymph fluid throughout the body. By encouraging lymphatic circulation, it helps reduce fluid retention, detoxify the body, improve immune response and enhance overall circulation.

Massage with Rebecca Hannon


Monique’s online Reflexology class will explore various ideas to see how Reflexology can assist you with for example daily stress, anxiety, headaches, sleep problems, poor digestion, slow circulation etc. This class is all about empowering you with simple and effective Reflexology techniques.

Reflexology with Monique Poppelaars.

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