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Anne Devenish

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it absolutely shattered my self-confidence. Until that moment I had a prominent career with a normal, vibrant social and personal life.

The knowledge that I had breast cancer completely affected everything. I found I couldn’t do my job, which involved a lot of public speaking. (read more …)

Raffaella Esakoff

I was diagnosed in March 2016 and I can’t thank my Breast Care Nurse enough (Kerry at the Royal Melbourne) who advised me to connect with Think Pink from the very start.

I was welcomed by Andrea with warmth and support from that very first day when I appeared in the Think Pink Central Office in St Kilda Road, and started off by joining in a wonderful walk in the Park. (read more …)

Rachel Joiner

I was introduced to The Living Centre when I did one of their “Days of Indulgence”. This was prior to my chemo commencing.

I remember checking out the wig library, just in case I needed it. But then going back to The Living Centre when I was bald was really hard. (read more …)

Sharyn Smith

My world fell apart after my diagnosis. Being told you have cancer at the age of 62 was life changing.

That first week was such a blur with GP appointment, Breast Surgeon appointment, biopsy, Oncologist appointment, full body CT and bone scan and starting chemotherapy all in the space of 7 days. (read more …)

Shae Whittaker

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. I heard about the Living Centre on the radio, and that its focus was on wellness, not illness and I thought, “That sounds like something for me, it’s really positive.”

You can receive a massage, get your make-up done or check out the wig salon. Even these small things, (read more …)

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