Exercise Programs

Most of our programs are successfully running via Zoom – so why not book a program today!


Michelle runs a head-to-toe, low impact Pilates workout which is suitable for all levels of experience. Each class is designed to increase core strength, release tired and overworked muscles, and to bring a greater awareness to the mind body connection. This class is also suited to those with pre-existing injuries who want to engage in exercise without pain. You will finish the class feeling lighter, freer, and more present within your body.

Pilates with Michelle Rosenberg.


Helen’s Tai Chi classes provide a gentle and pleasurable means of attaining and maintaining mobility, mental alertness, health and harmony in both mind and body. One of the main benefits of Tai Chi is to balance the electrical polarity within the body, which is referred to as the Yin and Yang. Each is as important as the other and both are necessary to maintain balance and harmony.

Tai Chi with Helen Flanagan.

– YOGA (Asana) –

Gentle yoga practices with Robyn allow the body, mind and the breath to work in unison leading to an internal sense of peace and clarity of the mind. Yoga encourages health and wellbeing through the practice of gentle asana (physical movements), breath work and relaxation. Yoga practice at Think Pink focuses on enhancing movement in the arms and upper body following treatments for breast cancer.

Yoga with Robyn Metcalf.


Join us, meet at the new The Living Centre and enjoy an hour of gentle walking amongst the lush parkland, and riverside walking trails. Meet up with old friends and make new ones whilst surrounded by the tranquil waterfront environment with city vistas.

Leaving from our home at Docklands every Wednesday at 1pm

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