Think Pink Special Guest

– Toolkit for Tough Times –

with Samantha Rennie

Samantha is a nurse, educator and holistic grief and anxiety specialist.

She is passionate about giving people the skills to live a loving, meaningful and healthy life.

The Second Hope Support group was delighted to welcome guest speaker Samantha Rennie of Grieving Well to talk about “Toolkit for Tough Times”.

This event was held on:

Thursday 16th September, 2020


Over the course of our lives, and without thinking about it, we build for ourselves a tool shed and fill it with a tool for every challenge and opportunity that life brings. With the current pandemic, many of us find that in spite of what we’ve learned along the way, we are ill equipped to face the challenge of these.

Let’s go back to the drawing board together, share our toolkit with each other and learn new ways to adapt to this environment so as to build greater resilience, as we navigate this extended lock-down period.

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