Think Pink Special Guest

– Exercising Remotely for women with Breast Cancer –

with Dale Ischia

Dale is an Accredited Exercise physiologist with more than 20 years clinical experience who has specialised in oncology over the past 7 years.

We were thrilled to have Dale  join us as guest speaker for an informative session dedicated to our clients.

This event was held on:
Tuesday 8th September, 2020

Dale founded ‘Moving Beyond Cancer‘, an exercise physiology program dedicated to improving the lives of people with a cancer diagnosis through appropriately prescribed exercise. The presentation detailed the  importance of exercising throughout a cancer treatment and what needs to be considered when exercising in isolation.

Client Feedback:
(Clients were asked to describe what they felt after the session)

Optimism; sense of control over my health; encouragement. Motivation to spend more time exercising.

Putting things into perspective; understanding the different types of exercise; realising that you can do as little or as much as you can depending on your state of health.

That cancer and its treatment destroys my body more than I thought; that exercise can regenerate the damage; that there is help available to move forward.

Enforces the need to exercise; do what you can; a variety of exercise is essential.

Exercise is safe with bone metastases; Exercise survival before & after diagnosis; Exercise groups available via Zoom now.

Exercise is very important; I need to do cardio; Exercise in the morning, get sun and snooze later.

Exercise reduces growth delay of cancer / recurrence; my vertigo during chemo problems placed down to full hair loos (ears); deconditioning of body = 10 years per chemo (interesting after 3 chemo’s now).

Inspiration to keep exercising; breakdown of best cardio/strength ratio; reasons why exercise is so important for cancer patients.

Was happy to hear all the exercise I did during treatment actually made a difference; I was good to be reminded that consistency is key with exercise post treatment; That HIIT training is really important (which I do when I can access the gym).

Benefit of an exercise diary; importance of regular exercise; location of a local exercise therapist.

12 weeks of chemo – ages me by 10 years; I need to extend the about of time I spend exercising; I need to up the kind of exercise I do – when I can.

I learned about Vo2 tests; The best way to practice Strength Training exercising multiple muscles at the same time; how walking in water is so beneficial.

Exercise helpful and important; need to exercise harder and more often; would consider engaging an exercise physiologist for personal program and wish had done this years ago.

The importance of exercise no matter what the diagnosis; it is possible to participate through a Medicare care plan; keep on moving.

Motivation on hearing what other women are achieving; encouraging me to seek out less vigorous exercising regime; that it’s OK not to be as active as you once were before surgery.

Information about how exercise can help while having treatment; exercise programs offered at Dale’s facility.

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