Simply Green: Backyard Fun For Families

Irene Hendel OAM

Spending Time With Family in the Backyard

The Think Pink Living Centre in Melbourne today is releasing  a special Think Pink Edition of Simply Green Back Yard Fun For Families, that promotes low cost green ideas and activities for families to enjoy in their own back yard.

Irene Hendel OAM, who founded the Think Pink Living Centre with her husband David after two brushes with breast cancer, said the Simply Green Back Yard Fun For Families provides families dealing with the issues of breast cancer, inspiration to enjoy the environment of their own garden.

Ron Smith
Bob Winters
Written by Melbourne Publicist, Ron Smith and Bob Winters, one of Australia’s leading sustainability educators,the 60 page publication has been released from the Think Pink Living Centre website at

Ron Smith said “Talking about and being involved with the environment in your own back yard with the family provides a great thread for inter-generational activity with parents and grandparents and importantly can provide great relaxation and fun.

“We hope this special  Think Pink Edition “Simply Green Back Yard Fun For Families also encourages healthy outdoor activities, a sense of achievement for children, the development of an appreciation of the environment and a foundation for developing lifetime values to enjoy and appreciate the environment in Australian back yards.”

Hi Wilbur Worm here apologies for not turning pink today. Just a few tips of about the contents of the Think Pink Edition Simply Green Back Yard Fun For Families.

Tips on bird watching

How to make a frog a home

Potting up cuttings

Bird watching on the Fridge Door

Wilbur Worm’s Puzzle – Adults have difficulty with this

The family weeding contest

How to make your own  colourful  wind sock… and much more.

To download your free copy of Think Pink Edition Simply Green Back Yard For Families click on my sunglasses.

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