Foundation Sponsors – Freemasons Foundation

In 2015, Freemasons Victoria established a Charitable Foundation to perform the previous functions of the Freemasons Victoria Board of Benevolence. The Foundation donates over $2 Million per year to various registered charities in Victoria.

In 2015 and 2016 Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited sponsored our fully qualified and highly experienced Breast Care Nurse at The Living Centre at a cost of $90,000 per annum. In January 2017 this sponsorship was again renewed for the 2017 calendar year in the amount of $113,880.

The Freemasons Foundation has continued to support Think Pink each year via ongoing Lodge Support Grants and more recently, it provided COVID survival funding of $50,000.

The Think Pink Foundation gratefully acknowledges and thanks Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited for their extraordinary generosity and benevolence which has enabled us to operate The Living Centre with the best health care professionals and has facilitated our most vital support programs.

Think Pink Foundation