Sex & Cancer: connect with your body and rekindle your spark with Dr Amanda Hordern – 19 September

  •  19/09/2022
     1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join this exciting Q&A session with Dr Amanda Hordern (PhD).

Cancer can rob you of many things but the loss of intimacy, sexuality and confidence in yourself and your body are rarely talked about.

Join this exciting Q & A session with Dr Amanda Hordern, PhD, hosted by Breast Care Nurse Andrea Cannon as they answer the difficult questions about sex, intimacy and body confidence after cancer.   This session is open to all clients and health professionals; given the popularity, please feel free to submit your questions in advance, and Amanda will try to answer them.

Amanda’s ground-breaking book published last year, combines the latest neuroscience with simple, powerful and practical techniques to help you reclaim your sexual confidence, desire, and happiness from the inside out. Since publishing ‘Sex & Cancer’, Amanda was asked by many readers to develop an online course that would further facilitate ‘the next step’ in Rekindling your Spark: An 8 step program, with lifetime access to interactive, action packed videos, activities, encouragement and sex therapy guidance from the comfort your own home.

Amanda’s online Rekindle your Spark course and book are available via her website.

Dr Amanda HordernDr Amanda Hordern

Dr Amanda Hordern is a leading expert who strives to lift the lid off the great taboo of sex and cancer. She draws on many years of experience as Executive Director Cancer Information and Support, at Cancer Council Victoria, Australia and decades of counselling, teaching and research in cancer care. Dr Hordern is an international keynote speaker and has lectured in cancer and palliative care at Post Graduate, Masters and PhD levels. She has assisted thousands of patients to reprogram their mind through her private practice, Bayside Healthy Living. She draws upon the latest findings in neuroscience to embrace measurable and uplifting changes, no matter what age, culture, gender, type or stage of cancer.

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