Second Hope Support Group with Guest speaker Sophie Lewis via Zoom – 27 March

  • Second Hope Support Group
     1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Join via Zoom! This month we will be joined by guest speaker Sophie Lewis from Sydney School of Health Science. Sophie will be discussing ‘Negotiating social bonds and social connection with metastatic breast cancer’. The presentation will explore how people navigate their various social relationships and support networks, what/where challenges can arise, and what opportunities there are for enhancing support.


Dr Sophie Lewis, is a qualitative researcher and social scientist at the University of Sydney. Her research broadly focuses on understanding the experiences of living with long-term chronic and/or incurable conditions, and how to support people to live well with these conditions. This includes current projects on people’s experiences of social connectedness, belonging and loneliness; living with incurable cancers and the role of social support; and how people navigate the healthcare system and make choices about their healthcare.





This support group offers understanding and education to women at all stages of Metastatic Breast Cancer.

In this group you will have an opportunity to meet others who are travelling a similar life path and to share your experiences. This group offers women a chance to connect with others, learn coping strategies and gather information with women that understand the challenges you and your family face living with a diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer.

We discuss how we can best support you through this journey.  The sessions are a safe space to share, learn and help each other get through this hurdle. The sessions are run by our Breast Care Nurse Consultant Jamie Kelly and we are often joined by a guest speaker to offer their expertise on a particular breast cancer topic or health related topic.

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