Guest speaker Robyn – Pink Hope – Hereditary Cancer 17 April

  • Hereditary Cancer
     2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This month we will be joined by Robyn from Pink Hope, a patient-focused charity, supporting those with hereditary cancer risk (through a known gene mutation such as BRCA or a strong family history of cancer). Providing support, education and advocate for those in our community. Their expertise and patient cohort are predominantly from the breast and ovarian cancer space.

Each year, they hold educational events across Australia to ensure the 1 in 400 people with hereditary cancer risk are educated and supported to make informed decisions about managing their risk. With online tools and resources, support groups, webinars, community catch ups, getaways and fundraising events where we bring community members together. Click here to see who Pink Hope are and what they do.

During the session Robyn will discuss:

  • About Pink Hope
  • Genetic testing – who, how, cost and implications
  • Statistics
  • Where to get help
  • Tools, resources and support we have for people who are considering undertaking genetic testing.
  • Her own personal experience as a BRCA 2 carrier

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