Career Workshop via Zoom – 24 July

  • Career workshop
     3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Come and join Maike on Zoom.

We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Zoom Career Workshop on Monday, July 24th at 3pm, led by the esteemed Maike Schroeder.

Maike Schroeder is a well-established, trusted and solution focused Strategic Career Coach and Senior Client Relations Manager with a wealth of experience in the field of executive coaching, career management and career transition.

She is continuously engaging with her well established network and is always open to connect people to enhance their career prospects.

During this dynamic session, Maike will delve into crucial aspects of your career, from crafting impactful CVs and compelling LinkedIn profiles to acing interviews and mastering the art of networking. Prepare to be inspired as she shares invaluable insights and guides you towards unlocking your true potential. Have burning questions about your career journey? Maike will be there to address them all.

Previous clients of Think Pink have said:

‘With Maike’s help I was able to get very clear about exactly what it was I was looking for and how my resume could be reworked to better bring my skills to the forefront. The biggest gift Maike offered me was helping me to drop my “story” around my work history. This enabled me to look at my resume through new eyes, seeing only my achievements and all the skills and experience I could offer a future employer.’  Think Pink Client

‘Within months of our first meeting I had landed my dream job, one that met all of my criteria’.  Think Pink Client

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This program will take place via the online conferencing platform, Zoom.

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