Aromatherapy- 7 December

  • Aromatherapy
     2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Come and join Rebecca on Zoom and LIVE.

This week Rebecca will focus on: blending essential oils and how we can use them as a natural stress relief. 

Rebecca’s aromatherapy classes focus on Clinical Aromatherapy Massage where essential oils are carefully chosen and blended to address specific physical, emotional and mental concerns. These oils, derived from plants, possess unique aromatic properties that impact our senses and overall wellbeing. Through the application and massage, the oils penetrate the skin promoting therapeutic effects such as pain relief, muscle relation and emotional balance.

Please note: If you have any allergies, injury or pre-existing medical condition that may be adversely affected through your participation in this activity, please consult your usual medical practitioner to ascertain your suitability prior to undertaking this activity.

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This program will take place via the online conferencing platform, Zoom.

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