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Maree Chambers

My favourite activities include being outdoors for long walks with our whippet, Scout; bike riding with family and friends; fair weather camping and bush walking. My favourite trip away was to Mexico a few years ago, to meet our daughter who was studying there at the time.

I commenced my involvement with Think Pink after seeing a brochure in the community and was very keen to be involved due to various family members having had this condition and also a close friend. I have been involved with Think Pink as a volunteer for the past 3 years, initially as a Hatha Yoga Teacher based at the centre and currently presenting a Zoom Meditation class with a great bunch of participants.

I have worked in the field of health and health promotion for over 4 decades as an RN, Yoga and Meditation teacher and more recently as a Bowen Therapist. I stumbled across a local yoga class some 20 years ago and became hooked with the feeling of both strength and balance that it gave me with the exercises and the relaxation.

I strongly believe that you don’t need to be a bendy pretzel (where you are seated in Lotus position), to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation, as it is a practice that is accessible to everyone, open to all abilities and can even be practised seated in a chair. I am interested to demonstrate with our clients that the benefits of yoga/meditation can be available to everyone, regardless of how flexible or inflexible you think you may be.

I feel so grateful and inspired that I am able to see and hear every week, from our group of clients that they are practising these skills and that the various techniques that we introduce weekly, are making a difference for them! Of course, I am learning from our participants during these classes also. I have loved the addition of the window cleaner to our classes (see Facebook photo), showing the enormous heights that some people will scale to travel to our class!

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