About Jennie …

Jennie Bendistinto

I have worked in the art and communication industry for 30 years. Working for 15 years as a Graphic Designer in the Advertising Industry, 5 years as an Artist in Residence and 10 years as an Art Therapist.

As an Art Therapist, I have integrated my knowledge and experience of art, communication and art therapy techniques to bring together the use of both art and the senses as a way to steer through an issue/problem.

Through meditation, art and relaxation, life connections are experienced and processed, focusing on the present moment, exploring thoughts, feelings and the journey this evokes for an individual participant.

I am now in my tenth year facilitating Group Art Therapy at The Living Centre.

Over the past 10 years I have also facilitated Group Art Therapy in schools with primary aged children and with senior aged groups through local council. I have also worked with mild intellectual disability groups of children and adults.

Currently, I facilitate both Group and Individual Art Therapy Sessions at a Psychology Clinic in Melbourne, whilst also continuing to facilitate Group Art Therapy at The Living Centre.

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