Beauty Programs & Workshops

Our beauty workshops are designed to offer practical tips on how to look and feel better about your body whilst regaining back control as well as offering an opportunity to meet and share stories with other women experiencing a similar journey.

Most of our programs are successfully running via Zoom – so why not book a program today!

– Make Up Workshop –

In this online Makeup Workshop Lucia will demonstrate on herself “It’s not about looking like Cindy Crawford, it’s about looking like yourself before you started treatment.” Ramy Gafni

Some say it’s best to keep the glam up when you’re going through treatment. Not everyone would agree however those who love makeup do.  In this session Lucia will answer the most common requests on those days:

  • What is “mood skin”  – Foundations, Concealers & Primers
  • I just want my brows and eyes back – Brow & Eye Pencil
  • One swipe of Lipstick reminds me there is life – Lipstick

– Skincare Workshop –

In this online Skincare Workshop, Lucia will be sharing how to care for your skin, nails and hair, before, during and after treatment.

We will cover what types of products to avoid and the types of products that are soothing and hydrating. How adjusting your skin care hygiene routine will help you feel better.

Lucia will be demonstrating a skin treatment and if you would like, you can follow at home with your own products at the same time.

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