About Anna …

Anna Horgan

I have been involved with Think Pink since November, 2018 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgical treatment and 12 months of treatment with both chemo and radiotherapy, my understanding of this disease became more personal and intense! I was fortunate to be directed to Think Pink for support and sessions with Andrea Cannon and other staff members and volunteers.

As a consequence, my ability to live with cancer became more positive and meaningful. I had been involved in education throughout my professional life, and believe that the ability to communicate successfully is determined by the ability of educators to connect with their clients meaningfully. The staff at Think Pink demonstrated these abilities and values and I am determined to offer my services as a volunteer with Journal Writing sessions.

Creative writing, as any art form is not only therapeutic but also a source enjoyment and fun. I hope that the writing sessions I am now facilitating are a source of positive creativity, peace, joy and self-love, in the hope of supporting all our clients.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve!

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